Trade Report – Marcus Wilson – Outfielder – Traded to Boston Red Sox

Trade Report – Marcus Wilson – Outfielder – Traded to Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox revolving trio of catchers is officially a thing of the past, as they dealt Blake Swihart to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for Marcus Wilson ($500K in international money is included in the deal, but reports have seen the money going in both directions, unsure at the time of this writing who actually received the money but I do believe it is Arizona).

Wilson is an athletic outfielder with plenty of tools, but has yet to really put together a season that matches his potential. The speed is easily above average to plus although he has only stolen more than 16 bags in a season once. He has enough instincts to stick in center with enough arm to be serviceable in right, although he is best suited in center or left.

The swing is big, violent, and inconsistent. He has some bat wrap up by the ear, a decent leg kick, and soft wrists that lead to more check swing strikes than most. His hips also open early, limiting his ability to cover the outer half of the plate, which is one of the reasons he struck out in nearly 30% of his trips to the plate in 2018. There is real raw power in the bat, although none of it has shown in game action, as his best power season was just 10 home runs in a season he slugged .369.

The approach at the plate is well below average, but the bat speed is above average leaving an upside of a future average hit tool still conceivable, although it is most likely a future 40 grade tool. The raw power is real and there is still plenty of projection in his body, so average to better game power is something that is reasonable to expect. The future for Wilson is most likely a 4-A type player, but he could find himself a role as quality fourth outfielder thanks to his athletic tools that will allow him to play all three positions and provide pop.

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