Time has come for another redesign/refocus for this site. While I cut my teeth in the Arizona summers on the backfields scouting high school players and the lowest of the minor leagues all the way up to MLB players, family life brought me to Colorado. Once here the nearest Minor League Baseball club was AAA, the following year it was Rookie, the next it was no longer affiliated. I turned to the amateur side even more heavily and discovered Colorado has plenty of high-quality amateur players that just don’t get the publicity of other locations, so I want to increase the exposure for those players. As a result, I am starting the Colorado Spotlight to highlight one player from Colorado each month, whether in high school, college, or professional ranks.

I will also continue to do my scouting reports, very straight forward, what I have seen reports. Many will be done via heavy video scouting simply because of where I am located, but there will be plenty of the Colorado talent reports here too. I will still be contributing to other sites, but here I will be posting raw scouting reports and trying to help lift up baseball in the state of Colorado. Some of the reports will be the best of the best at all levels, some will be high school kids here in Colorado on the fringes of Division I baseball, some may even be from the Indy ranks, but all will be my take based on what I have seen both in person, via video, and while watching games.

I am also more than open to know who you want to learn more about, send me your takes on what players you want reports from me on. Let me know who in Colorado, or from Colorado, you want to have featured in the monthly Colorado Spotlight. Shoot me a note via email at Shaun@threequarterslot.com or DM me on twitter @3quarterslot.