2021 Draft Prospect: Luke Albright – RHP – Kent State

Player: Luke Albright                                       Scout Date: 2/21/2021 vs. Virginia Tech
Organization: Kent State                                                                                     Position(s): RHP
Height: 6’4”                     Weight: 215 lbs.                     Bats: Right                    Throws: Right
Fastball: Sits low 90s, touches 95. Some downhill plane with limited arm-side run. Can miss high arm-side too often. Ball flattens and becomes hittable when overthrown reaching back for extra velo. Most effective 91-93.
Change: Good arm speed, falls late. Best pitch on the day. Long been considered a distant fourth offering, made real strides and showing better command of pitch.
Slider: Two versions, cutting and breaking. Breaker in low-80s, cut action mid-80s. Shape gets slurvy at times but still sharp rather than loopy just with two-plane break. Cut action at higher velo is single plane break with late run that draws soft contact rather than a swing and miss offering.
Curve: 12-6 typically that occasionally moves over to a 1-7 break. Big looper. Arm speed doesn’t vary keeping hitters off balance. Break goes from shoulder to knees. Potential plus offering.
Delivery/Mechanics: Traditional 3/4 slot with good extension. Gets good leg drive. High leg kick in stretch leaves him susceptible to quality base runners. Missed zone with first five offerings on the day. Has body and delivery of a starter. Mild late effort. Command inconsistent and needs to be ironed out to make it although it improved throughout the game.
Summary: Not going to wow anyone, but four to five quality offerings (if you want to consider the cut action slider a pitch of its own) that can keep hitters off balance. Body and delivery suggest longevity as an innings eater. Limited ceiling but floor is rather high. Don’t see him becoming anything more than a number four starter, but could be a fast moving arm that should be a safe bet to be a mainstay at the back end of a rotation.

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