Haydn McGeary – Colorado Mesa

Haydn McGeary – Colorado Mesa

Player: Haydn McGeary Scout Date: 3/9/19
Organization: Colorado Mesa Position(s): DH
Height: 6’5” Weight: 235 lbs. Bats: Right Throws: Right
Hit: Approach of a former catcher. Good eye, but aggressive. Drops bat head well and has quick bat. Bigger leg kick could leave him susceptible to velo and elite off-speed but demonstrates good balance and weight shift.
Power: Good transition of center of gravity from front food through hips in exploding through ball. Makes most of his large frame, true plus raw power that does translate to game. Bat plane creates natural loft on ball, but stays on top enough to hit line drives rather than pure HR approach.
Run: Runs like a catcher, bottom of the scale wheels.
Arm: Solid arm based on seeing him behind the plate in high school. Had pop times right at 2.0 despite less than ideal footwork.
Glove: Expect to see him catch at Mesa, although not a long term position. Haven’t seen him at first but will probably be his ultimate landing spot.
Other: Commands attention from teammates despite being a Freshman and not draft eligible until 2021.
Summary: Was in the top five in the nation in home runs his senior year of high school and is off to a good start already in college. Was surprised when I learned he signed to go to a D2 school. The body is mature leaving little room for projection and athleticism will only decline, leaving him a 1B/DH only type in future. Ability to harness desire to attack a pitch and show advanced approach will determine upside. OFV of 45 with power being carrying tool. Worthy of follow despite two seasons before draft eligible.

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