Trevor Kehe – CF – Colorado School of Mines

Trevor Kehe – CF – Colorado School of Mines

Player: Trevor Kehe Scout Date: 4/20/19
Organization: Colorado School of Mines Position(s): CF
Height: 6’ Weight: 180 lbs. Bats: Right Throws: Right
Hit: 45 Potential. The bat is quick and what is not to like about a guy in Colorado who doesn’t wear batting gloves? Slightly open stance with minimal leg kick he gets down well. Showed good recognition on off-speed and laid off early. Strong wrists, just not enough elite talent faced to have a great feel on the hit tool. Mechanics are solid and lack any obvious flaw.
Power: 35 Current, 50 Potential. Despite being a Redshirt Junior, there is still plenty of room to grow in the strength department for Kehe, although that may slow him too much. He swung the bat three times on the day, a chopper to third and two no doubt home runs. The ball really jumps off the bat and the path creates loft. The hips don’t fully explode, more fire, so there is more to tap into here. I doubt he would ever reach the 50 grade potential as it would take too much away from the rest of his game, but it is in there.
Run: 50. He didn’t have to run the bases on the day I saw him but I was able to pull some old video from his time in high school where he was running 3.4-3.45 steal times and he led the RMAC in steals coming into the weekend.
Arm: 50. Only had two opportunities on the day, which just happened to be the last two outs of the game. Lined up on a sinking liner well in center and threw out runner from second at home. Not a cannon of an arm and it was just up the 3B line, but a good one hop from a reasonable distance in center.
Glove: Only two opportunities were the before mentioned liner he read immediately and set up for the good throw, and the next play in the gap he ran down. It wasn’t a fantastic play, nor was it routine. Need to see quite a bit more to make a full grade on it but there was a 50 potential glove in limited opportunities.
Other: On pace to increase walks and decrease strikeouts on season.  Metallurgical & Materials Engineering major.
Summary: Redshirt Junior at a D-II school is typically the furthest thing from a draft prospect, but he is worthy of a follow and an early candidate to be a Senior sign for me a year from now. If graduating and not pursuing grad degree, worthy of a selection in the 30+ round, but my guess is he returns. Scrap to game but tools are there too. Was a mild follow heading into weekend, left as a standout and expect teams to be on him for 2020 draft.

One thought on “Trevor Kehe – CF – Colorado School of Mines

  1. I can personally attest that Trevor Kehe has a cannon for an arm. Makes plays in the outfield that you would think are no-doubt doubles off the bat. The only part missing in this report is the intangibles. Trevor is a fiery competitor. He inspires those around him to be better just because of his personality. He’s intense, always locked in mentally, and doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. Will do whatever it takes to win. Excellent teammate and fantastic leader.


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