2023 MLB Draft: Charlee Soto, RHP, Reborn Christian Academy

Player: Charlee Soto
School: Reborn Christian Academy                                             Position(s): RHP
Height: 6’5″                      Weight: 205 lbs.                      Bats: Switch                         Throws: Right
Fastball: 93-98, Heavy with plenty of run. Triple digits likely in the future. Plus offering.
Slider: 84-87, Late two plane breaker with good shape but inconsistent. Average future grade.
Change: 84-88, Seen two types, one a falling splitter, another an arm-side runner. Split look is the better of the two and easily to see at least average future in it with flashes of plus when the fall and run work together.
Delivery/Mechanics: Plenty of drop and drive in a hitchy but balanced deliver. 3/4 to lower slot, some inconsistency and late effort lead to command issues currently. Athleticism in delivery, can see it with the hip turn, could keep him as a starter. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Other: Central Florida commit. Size is best guess as he reportedly grew two inches over the summer to get to 6’5″ and have seen weight listings from 195-210. Ton of projectability as a result
Summary: An athletic pitcher with a recent growth spurt and still working on getting the weight to match his height, there is as much projection in this arm as any in the draft. With a plus fastball and a change that flashes plus to go with a slider that has the makings of a solid offering, Soto has all the stuff needed to be a starter near the front of a big league rotation. He will still be 17 on draft day, making him one of the younger first round potential arms, which just adds to the projectability.

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