2023 MLB Draft: Colton Ledbetter, OF, Mississippi State

2023 MLB Draft: Colton Ledbetter, OF, Mississippi State

Player: Colton Ledbetter
School: Mississippi State                                                  Position(s): OF
Height: 6’2″                    Weight: 205 lbs.                     Bats: Left                       Throws: Right
Hit: About as pure a stroke as there is in the class. Quiet lower half keeps him on balance and able to adjust to off-speed well. Bat wrap does create some concern against better velos. Hands get to the zone quick but bat wrapped behind head can take a while to get there. Exaggerated reactions to ball, especially inside, but does also help solidify he does read the ball well out of the hand and shows a good feel for zone.

Power: Bat wrap that leads to concern in the hit tool helps in the power. Longer bat path does create real bat speed and ball can really jumps. Bat plane does lead to good line drive exits giving plenty of HR and XBH upside.
Run: Nothing special but not slow either. Very much an average runner with instincts that can have it play a tick better.
Arm: Average, not enough to play right.
Glove: Left field is best fit, can play some center if needed but really should be left fielder.
Other: Transferred from Samford to Mississippi State for 2023 season.
Summary: Tough evaluation especially early in the season as the hit tool at Samford was elite, but there are some red flags, namely the bat wrap. A successful season showing he can handle velo this year would go a long way. Some question if the power gets hurt if the bat path gets more streamlined. Left field profile means a lot relies on bat. Early season take vs. end of season take could vary greatly, but currently a fourth outfielder grade but a quality season could improve to an everyday regular in the back half of a lineup projection.

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