2023 MLB Draft: Cole Schoenwetter, RHP, San Marcos HS

Player: Cole Schoenwetter
School: San Marcos HS (CA)                                                        Position(s): RHP
Height: 6’3″                       Weight: 190 lbs                       Bats: Right                        Throws: Right
Fastball: 90-94, mild tail typically, can get a lot more run periodically and give a rising look. True 50-55 grade pitch
Knuckle Curve: 74-79, sharp 11-5 to 12-6 shape. Slider heaviness, curve shape but sharp not loopy at all. Heavy pitch for a curve, can get under and hang it too often. Future plus offering.
Change: Wide velo range from 81-86, inconsistent pitch. Arm speed can vary at times, but average to better potential. Plenty of sink while fading arm side. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Delivery/Mechanics: Tall delivery with limited leg drive, but the velo comes easy. There is plenty of arm whip and some late effort that leaves mild concern, but is athletic and has shown as much based on his ability to field position. Some inconsistencies in the arm slot varying from 3/4 to a bit lower and some variation in the extension. Can pull arm through with a lot of upper body pull and effort, something that happens more with off-speed than fastball. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Other: UCSB commit
Summary: Schoenwetter has really climbed up a lot of draft ranks, going from a guy with an outside shot of making it to campus to now a guy being talked about as a day one option. Has feel for three pitches, my favorite being the knuckle curve given it’s sharp bite and plus potential. The fastball is more than enough to be a weapon and the change flashes quality although not shown enough. Curve makes the fastball play above what the velo would suggest, and will only improve as the change improves. Fastball is a pitch he really commands well when the other two are more control over command currently.

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