2023 MLB Draft: Jacob Wilson, SS, Grand Canyon

Player: Jacob Wilson
School: Grand Canyon                                                  Position(s): SS
Height: 6’3″                    Weight: 190 lbs.                     Bats: Right                        Throws: Right
Hit: Genuine plus to better tool. Plenty of front foot movement coming from open to a full stride, but foot stays close to the ground and body remains balanced. Quick hands to zone, adjusts well with good bat control. Looks opo often almost to a detriment, would like to see him pull ball some more. Through 29 games this season slashing .469/.515/.694 and college career K rate just 5%.
Power: Shown less power this season than last, one of the few concerns. Using whole field does impact his ability to hit ball out of yard. Plenty of gap power and plenty of room on frame to add strength. Unlikely to ever exceed high teens in HR production.
Run: Average, could trend to a bit below average as he fills out.
Arm: Plenty of arm, bordering on plus. Easy left side arm, will play well at third if ever has to move off short.
Glove: Solid glove but range is fringy at short. Instincts make up for range concerns. Smooth and soft hands, likely to be able to stick at short. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Other: Bloodlines – Dad is Jack Wilson, former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder. https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Summary: After launching 12 home runs in 2022, only has two through 29 games in 2023 which does raise concerns, but he is also hitting .469 which limits concerns. Coming into the season there was some concern he may have a Robert Moore-esque season being a top 10 pick in the preseason to a mid-rounds pick by draft day, but that hasn’t happened. Wilson has one of the best hit tools in the class and has shown well with wood bat on the Cape and with the US Collegiate squad. There is definitely a limitation on the upside Wilson possesses, don’t see a future super star, but there is also an incredibly high floor here. Good chance he ends up in the top 10 in July, and deservedly so, but will probably end up a solid defensive shortstop who is a leadoff hitter who can provide mid-teen home run numbers every year.

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