2023 MLB Draft: Will Sanders, RHP, South Carolina

Player: Will Sanders
School: South Carolina                                                        Position(s): RHP
Height: 6’6″                     Weight: 230 lbs.                        Bats: Right                        Throws: Right
Fastball: 91-94, Sinking action on top of good natural downhill plane. Unlikely to be more than average but a solid pitch.
Curveball: 81-84, two plane in the break. Sharper than traditional curve, almost slider in shape but a ton of vertical break. Above average now, could be plus.
Slider: 83-87, Sharp cutter action but some late depth. Average to better.
Change: Mid-80s, Plenty of arm side fade and late dip. Above-average, easy 55 grade when on.
Delivery/Mechanics: Some leg drive but not doesn’t take full advantage of long frame. Some short arm back but plenty of extension through delivery. Closed windup mirrors stretch delivery well leading to stuff not dipping much if at all out with runners on.
Other: https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
Summary: With four average to better pitches and solid command of his long frame, Sanders was an excellent pitcher for the Gamecocks in 2021 and 2022, but has struggled some in 2023. He skipped a week for rest and is getting hit harder than in previous seasons, but the stuff is still there. There is some inconsistency in the sharpness of his pitches and his fastball can get hit hard when it flattens out. Given he has three off-speed that grade out higher than his fastball, he needs to pitch backwards to many batters, and can do just that quite often, but needs to spot the fastball better. Overall, there is limited upside for Sanders, but he is a pretty sure bet to have success at the next level too. Ceiling is that of a quality number three starter, but more than likely is a really good four or five.

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