2024 MLB Draft: Rodney Green Jr., OF, Cal

2024 MLB Draft: Rodney Green Jr., OF, Cal

Player: Rodney Green Jr.
School: Cal                                                 Position(s): OF
Height: 6’3″                   Weight: 190 lbs.                    Bats: Left                        Throws: Left
Hit: Biggest concern in Green’s game, plenty of swing and miss with lots of moving parts. Despite the moving parts, the hands are consistent, the body drifts forward some creating the look he is out of sync, but actually stays pretty well balanced. The swing and miss is tied to pitch recognition more than the swing. Good size leg kick that does have some inconsistency in height and stride. Can easily become and average tool if not better with a bit more consistency and better pitch recognition.
Power: Legit. Put ball into lazy river in ballpark in Frisco during Frisco Baseball Classic. Smooth stoke and quick hips create plenty of power. Above-average to plus.
Run: Above average, plays both in field and on bases.
Arm: Average, not enough for right but plenty for center.
Glove: Can drift some but really good routes and reads. No concerns about him holding down center field. Not afraid of wall, goes after the ball all over the outfield. Will make some great plays, may get overly aggressive periodically.
Other: Average and power on par in summer Appy League with his college season (6 HR each, .295 vs. .293 average in 156 vs. 140 ABs). Shows the wood bat won’t be much of a concern.
Summary: The business in the swing can be tough to look past, but focusing on hand position takes away a lot of the concern in terms of future contact potential. Hands stay consistent, front foot can just be off at times and pitch recognition isn’t great. The ball really jumps off the bat and he can get down the line. Not a true burner but plenty to beat out some infield singles. Coming into the year he probably wasn’t a top 100 prospect, entering conference play is easily a top 100 guy and trending towards a first rounder. Still a season and a half before draft eligible, but absolutely someone to keep an eye on as there is the potential for an everyday centerfielder in the middle of a lineup with Green Jr.

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