MLB Draft Countdown: #47, Masyn Winn, RHP/SS, Kingwood HS (TX)

Player: Masyn Winn Draft Day Age: 18
School: Kingwood HS (TX) Position(s): RHP/SS
Height: 5’11” Weight: 180 lbs. Bats: Right Throws: Right
Hit: Mild open stance with lots of hand movement. Slight hitch in firing hands will hurt him against elite arms. Hands stay low making it tough to stay on top of ball. Hand position does create loft in swing that translates into power. Would be a power first bat but a shortened stride and quieting the hands could give him an average hit tool
Field: Strong pitching arm translates well to the field. Can stick at short, soft hands, plenty of range. As good an overall athlete as there is in this class. Can steal bags now, but strong build leaves some question if the speed sticks.
Fastball: Been up to 98, sits more 93-96. Runs hard to the arm side, rising action when elevating making it a tough pitch to hit. Misses high arm side at times.
Change: Distant third offering currently. Flashes above average but hardly needed to use it at HS level. Will be a focus to develop to average in order to remain a starter.
Curve: Potential plus offering, 80-82 MPH, small bump then hard dive to the feet of a lefty. 11-5 two-plane break, can come down to 10-4 slider-type look.
Delivery/Mechanics: Good balance with athletic build. Late effort and head pull. Arm can lag behind body. Gets quality leg drive. Command solid, starting profile outside of height.
Summary: My highest ranked two-way player (Cade Horton a close second but not in my top 50), I think Winn gets a shot to pitch and play the field. He has more upside as a pitcher, although the fact he is under six foot is a concern in terms of his ability to stick as a starter. Should a team see him as a future reliver, he is probably better suited to stick at short as he would bring a club more value there. Was sent home early from the PDP League last July which has created some makeup concerns. If he was just a pitcher or just a hitter, he would be a second round talent, the fact he is both makes him first round talent, but the off-field concerns means he will probably be a second round pick.

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