MLB Draft Countdown: #48, Burl Carraway, LHP, Dallas Baptist

Player: Burl Carraway Draft Day Age: 21
School: Dallas Baptist Position(s): LHP
Height: 6’ Weight: 175 lbs. Bats: Left Throws: Left
Fastball: Flirts with triple digits, sits as high as 96. Two-seam action running arm-side. Some downhill plane. Sails high arm side too often. Velo combined with movement will saw off many bats at next level.
Curve: Best pitch. Big action sitting near 80. 1-7 break. Plays really well off fastball. Best when break comes late, which is often. True strikeout pitch. Sharp break rather than looping when at it’s best.
Delivery/Mechanics: Lots of effort. Everything moves in delivery. 3/4 to high-3/4 slot with more extension than anticipated given size. Small frame plus effort means reliever only. Lack of command concerning. Arm action smooth despite body movement.
Summary: Should be a quick moving reliver, Carraway is almost certainly going to be the first true relief arm off the board. His velocity combined with swing-and-miss curve gives him a high floor of a seventh inning type reliever but could develop into a high-leverage guy if the command improves. The arm action is not as concerning as expected given the amount of moving parts, but with the head and body bouncing around the command is unlikely to reach even average levels.

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